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The games consists of 21 coins, 7 discs and a cloth bag to transport it all. The rules are easily remembered.

The game: All coins are placed between the players. Naturally only one side of each coin is visible.

On his turn a player takes a coin and puts it on his side. He then flips the coin.

The object of the game: The first player to reveal all seven numbers on his side, wins the game.

Try to find out where the numbers are that you need to win. You win as soon as you reveal a a complete set of numbers from 1 to 7.

The tactics: The more numbers are revealed the easier it is to find out where the missing numbers are hiding.

You are playing with probabilities here. Choose for yourself if you want to tease your brain - or use your intuition to drive your opponent crazy.

You are here: home > Tschuk > description (2/3)