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Bonus Adventure: Dogfight
Stay airborn as long as possible!

All players fight against each other. When playing with four players it is more fun to organize two teams of two players each.

Players try to ram each other and shoot (with magic bolts) at each other until one player or team is out of play - or until only one player or team is left flying.

The starting position for the dogfight example *
* This is the starting position for the dogfight example below
- place castles
- each player starts in another corner

Place the castles on the table in a more or less random matter.

Each player takes a jet broom and places it together with the tail at the edge of the castle area. The distance between any two brooms should be about the same.

Each player takes his marker and places it beside his magic book. The markers are used to indicate the number of damage points a player receives in the dogfight.

When playing in teams the players of the same team should not sit side by side at the table.

Game play: - as usual, and... may ram other players!

Apply the rules as described "The hunt with the cat".

Whenever a player is rammed he takes two damage points.

The current number of damage points a broom has received is indicated by placing the marker for this broom on the castle showing the number of damage points.
So if a broom is rammed successfully for the first time the marker will be placed on castle number 2.

A player who was rammed takes his broom off the table and waits until his turn. He then puts his broom in starting position at the castle where his damage marker is currently placed. *

As soon as a broom has taken more than 8 damage points it is out of the game.

* Be careful when ramming an opponent - sometimes he will be back sooner than expected!
and after each flight...

Whenever a player executed a successful flight (meaning - not colliding with a castle), his broom will automatically fire a magic bolt straight ahead - regardless if the player wants this or not.

To execute this shot place the magic book upright on the table directly in front of the broom's nose so that the straight edge rests on the table and the magic book is in line with the broom's flying direction.

The first broom that is touched by the magic book (even if this is a team mate) receives one damage point. The marker of this broom will be placed on the next higher numbered castle (or on castle number 1 if this was the first damage point received).

Any castle will block a shot - so if the magic book touches a castle first before reaching a broom no damage point is applied.

The players should discuss before the game if backward flights are allowed. But in any case an opponent can only be rammed in forward flight. Additionally no shots are fired after a flight using a backward maneuver. *

* Alternatively you may allow such shots for a more chaotic game
and here now the...

The purple and the green duster are flying towards the yellow duster. The purple player has decided to start her flight and reaches a near perfect position to fire a shot.

Purple is aiming at the yellow duster

Purple sets his magic book in front of her duster - although she should have placed it right at the duster's nose it is clear that this is a clean hit. Yellow receives one damage point.

A clear hit

Please note that this would have been a miss if the yellow duster would have been out of reach - that means if the purple magic book would not have touched the yellow duster.

Please note also that the yellow marker currently lying on castle 6 will be placed on castle 7 now (see next picture).

Now Green starts his flight - but one can already see that she will probably miss the yellow stauber since castle 7 is blocking the line of the shot - additionally the yellow duster seems to be a little far away to be hit.

Green executed her flight

Actually the yellow duster is in reach for the shot, even if only the tail is touched by the magic book this would have been a hit - but it is a miss nevertheless since castle 7 blocks the shot.

Castle 8 is blocking the shot

The yellow duster survices this situation and has good chances now to eliminate the green duster, since the green marker is already placed on castle 7 meaning that Green already received 7 damage points.

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