Sim Serim
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The game consists of a massive wooden board where semi-precious stones are placed.

The game: The players reveal simultaneously 1 to 4 stones and place these on the board afterwards.

The stones are placed in rows whereby the player goes first who revealed the lower number of stones. Whenever a row is filled the current player decides which row to fill next.

The object of the game: Create a maximum of so called magic wands.

Although the stones are placed in long (diagonal) rows the scoring takes place in the vertical rows of the board (for this reason it is a good practice to rotate the board by 45 degree at the end of the game to score the points).

Three stones adjacent to each other create one magic wand scoring his owner three points. But if there are more than three stones in a row adjacent to each other the player will indeed lose points.

The tactic: Bluff and think ahead to win this game.

Placing the stones is not the main point in this game. Much more important is the fact how many stones to reveal in each round. The number of revealed stones decides who goes first and in the end creates the pattern of stones on the board.

The players therefore must try to force the opponent to create "wands" having more than three stones to make him lose points.

The game is tricky since the rows where stones are placed are not identical with the rows that are used for scoring.

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