Provinzia Romana
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Provinzia Romana

Players: 2 - 6
Duration: 90 minutes
Age: 12+
Luck: 20%
Skill: 80%
Published: 2014 by Stratelibri

Short description

In 52 BC, the raids of Vercingetorix devastated the cities of Gaul. Now you have achieved the lofty position of Imperial legate, assigned to oversee the rebuilding and development of one of these cities.

Naturally, you hope to earn prestige and fame by building the largest and most prosperous city in the province. To accomplish this feat, you will develop contacts in the Roman Senate, construct buildings, and protect your city from raiding Gauls.

Earn the most prestige, and you will be chosen as the Proconsul of the province!

You are here: home > Provinzia Romana > description