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Truant not only is one of the founders of Edition Erlkoenig but also publishes board and roleplaying games on his own - naturally his company cooperates as a partner.

You can believe that Marco Teubner is a one-of-a-kind game designer. We are very happy that we got the chance to work with him...

... and we are pretty sure that this cooperation will yield interesting fruits someday :).

In our opinion this is the portal for boardgames - created and managed very sophistically by Knut-Michael Wolf.

Frank Gartner supports small game businesses (like ours) in marketing their games.

This site is a must when searching for facts about boardgames and companies. Professionally managed by Joerg Henrichs + Stefanie Kethers.

Philibert Sarl organized the french translation of Fette Autos by Marc Lamounier - he sells games in France.

Roland and Tobias Goslar made an impressive start when publishing their game "Tom Tube".

Andreas Finkernagel is an old time partner from our roleplaying days and sells a lot of very interesting games.

Carsten Wesel does not only review the newest game but also ensures that good old games are not forgotten.

We are missing Michael Knopf dearly - visit his site.

A web site having a lot of facets - a dedicated and professional work by Michael Weber and Gerlinde Rode.

Andreas Keirat and Claudia Schlee provide exhaustive and extensive reviews for an incredible number of games.

Zev Slashinger is a reliable partner who published our Fette Autos as Street Illegal in the USA.

Ingo Althöfer demonstrates how innovative game design can be!

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