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planned - Informations regarding Tiptoi (Ravensburger)
2014_08_14 v122 New games - especially "Find"
2011_08_26 v121 Update for "ChessMe"
2010_09_04 v119 "Don Q. and the Survey of La Mancha"
2008_02_25 v118 3-player variant for "Perry Rhodan - Die Kosmische Hanse"
2008_12_03 ...v117 Solitaire variant for "Perry Rhodan - Die Kosmische Hanse"
2007_11_04 v113 First informations about "Perry Rhodan - Die Kosmische Hanse"
2007_08_05 v112 Redesign phase 1
2007_05_31 v111 CSS based box layout and some updates
2007_05_17 v110 Tschuk
2007_05_01 v109 Link added to link list for 3-Hirn-Verlag (preparation for Tschuk)
2007_01_01 v108 A form is used for contact purposes
2006_10_17 v107 Spiel '06 - Hall 9 - Booth 110 - We will play "Tschuk"
2006_04_27 v105 Techno Witches for up to 8 players
2006_01_17 v103 Web site nominated for BGIA Award
2006_01_16 v102 New audio review by Ted Cheatham Techno Witches
2005_09_30 v101 Updated infos and pictures about Zauber Stauber
2005_02_27 v100 link to, new review for Feurio!
2005_02_20 v99 site is supporting english now (in parts)
2005_01_11 v98 transition to php
... ... see german page for full log - this history covers english pages only
You are here: home > history