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Variant: Perry Rhodan for three players
3 players - about 60 minutes

You need three spaceships and three matching mini-spaceships as additional material.

The rules described here can be downloaded as text file from our download page.

Objective: 70 Megagalax

The objective of the game is the same as in the basic game for 2 players. The first player to reach the center of the sun (70 Megagalax) wins the game.


Set up the sun spiral, the planets and the goods cards as in the basic game.

Each player takes one spaceship and places the matching miniature spaceship at the outermost dot of the sun spiral indicating that he possesses 0 Megagalax at the start of the game.

Remove the "Startkarte" (("Start Card")) from both decks - these are not used.

Find the two technology cards "Container" (("Container")) and one of the two technology cards "Nachschub" (("Replenishment")) from the "Jet" (("Sleek spaceship")) deck.
Find the two technology cards "Nachschub" (("Replenishment")) and one of the two technology cards "Container" (("Container")) from the "Kugelraumer" (("Bulky spaceship")) deck.
From these six technology cards each players gets one "Container" (("Container")) and one "Nachschub" (("Replenishment")) and puts both of these open in front of him.

Shuffle the two decks separate from each other and put them down as separate draw piles. Spaceship cards are discarded on one discard pile. As soon as both draw piles are exhausted this discard pile is reshuffled to create one draw pile. If this draw pile is exhausted again, reshuffle all discarded cards again, etc.

Each player draws five spaceship cards to his hand. A player may choose freely from wich deck to draw each card.

Starting the game

The youngest player must now select one of three possible options to start the game:

  • He chooses the planet where all spaceships must start
  • He chooses which player will go first
  • He may discard as many cards as he like and then draw the respective number of new cards to his hand.

As soon as he has selected an option, he immediately executes the option. Then the other two players select one of the remaining options - in the same order they follow around the table - and immediately execute the choosen option. Each option may only be selected once, therefore the last player must select the one remaining option.


The game works exactly the same way as in the basic game - with the following exceptions:

  • At the start of the game technologies cost 2 Megagalax since each player already owns two technology cards.
  • When drawing cards a player may choose freely f rom which deck to draw each single card. If there is only one draw pile left he must draw all cards from this draw pile.
  • Any player may neutralize an intervention. If the order is important the active player asks one player after the other (in an order of his choice) if he wants to neutralize the intervention just played.
  • The intervention "Hypersturm auslösen" (("Hyperstorm Release")) must be played as first intervention in a turn. If not neutralized the player's turn ends - he discards all his hand cards and draws five cards to his hand again. If neutralized the player may play a second intervention - but this must not be "Hypersturm auslösen" (("Hyperstorm Release")).
  • Whenever goods cards are flipped over revealing a pair of cards having the same destination, the lower valued card (value "2") is removed from the game. If two pairs are revealed remove the lower valued card from each pair.

The game lasts for about an hour - but trust us: spaceships and ...time... will fly :-)

You are here: home > Perry Rhodan > rules (4/4)