Perry Rhodan - The Cosmic League
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Die Kosmische Hanse

Six planets are placed in a row and by their position define how the two players may move their space ships by the roll of a die.

Goods are placed at each planet ready to be transported to their destination planets.

By transporting the goods the players will gain the Megagalax that are needed to win the game.

These Megagalax can alternatively be invested in technologies to speed up the own ship or to teleport goods (for example).

Each player has a set of 30 cards of which he holds up to five in his hand at any time. About half of the cards can be used to gain a temporary advantage while the other half consists of the technologies already mentioned.

The first player to amass a certain amount of Megagalax wins the game.

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You are here: home > Perry Rhodan > rules (1/4)