Perry Rhodan - The Cosmic League
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The components
The material:
  • 1 sun and 6 planets
  • 30 goods to be transported
  • 1 set of 30 cards per player
  • 1 spacecraft per player
  • ...and 1 die
Perry Rhodan - Die Kosmische Hanse
The planetary system The planets and their orbits define the possible movements of the spacecrafts which are moved by the roll of a die.
the "fields" defining spacecraft movement
Pick up and deliver extraordinaire Each goods card shows a different target planet on each side and specifies how many megagalax are earned by transporting the card to its destination. As soon as a card reaches its destination it is flipped over and thus defines its new destination.
the goods to be transported
Interventions and Technologies Both players hold cards consisting of interventions and technologies. Interventions are played out of hand and have an immediate effect. The technologies may be bought by spending megagalax and provide a number of permanent advantages in the game.
some typical cards
Roll and move? The spacecrafts are moved by the roll of one die. The randomness of this die is alleviated using a special rule when throwing a "1". Additionally quite a lot of cards replace or modify the die roll.
the mysterious 1
You are here: home > Perry Rhodan > description (2/2)