Wildfire! (Ablaze!)
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Reviews for " Ablaze! " ( " Wildfire! " , " Volcano! " , " On the Run! " )

Shannon Appelcline

Having played all the games, I' struck by the fact that they seem to be of somewhat different styles. I thought Volcano! was a bit simplistic, but it'd probably play best as a family game. Similarly, I thought that On the Run! would be enjoyed the most by those looking for thoughtful abstracts. As primarily a Euro player, Wild Fire! appealed the most (though I also think it the strongest of these games within their own classes).

Beyond that, I'm really impressed by the fact the Heinrich Glumper put three games together in this single box, and that they all play quite a bit differently. If Ablaze! had just contained Wild Fire!, it would have been a great release. Having additional games beyond that is just gravy.

As a result, I've given Ablaze! a full "5" out of "5" in Substance, with the caveat that I think it'll appeal most to players who like Wild Fire!, which is a sort of middle-ground game: not too simple and not too complex. Players looking for particularly complex or simple games might not get quite as much bang for their buck.

Ablaze! contains three abstracts. Wild Fire!, clearly the best of the bunch, is a terrific, original filler. There's also a lighter game and a more thought-provoking game that non-Euro audiences might prefer.

Tom Vasel

(follow the link and see for yourself)

Tom Vasel appreciates the Euro mechanics but for him it does not feel like a firefighting game.
You are here: home > Wildfire! (Ablaze!) > reviews (2/3)