Wildfire! (Ablaze!)
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This is a re-implementation of Feurio! - Where are the differences?


  • Not all tiles are in play

Additional tiles have been provided (another complete set of 1-6 tiles, and an additional "3"). Players may use the original set (6 sets of 1-6), a set without 1s, or a random set, setting aside 7 tiles.

  • Variant "Dry Season"

In this variant the 1-tiles are not used thus lessening the luck factor and allowing a more tactical play.

  • Always round down when scoring points

This was a variant rule in the original version - it is a standard rule now.

  • Improved "firebreak" variant

When placing a firebreak the player is not forced to lose a firefighter any more - he just may not place firefighters in the same turn.

If you have any questions about Wildfire!, please contact us.

You are here: home > Wildfire! (Ablaze!) > faq