Street Illegal (Fette Autos)
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General comments

The racing track varies from game to game.

The track can be generated randomly or it can be designed.

The luck element in the game results from drawing the tempo cards.

Players have 5 tempo cards to choose from - for Old Pros tempo cards are drawn randomly whenever necessary.

The speed is the sum of three tempo cards - values of tempo cards are distributed evenly in the nominations 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60.

The first tactical element consists of the optimal use of the 5 tempo cards each player holds.

The track cards show warning signs which should be matched by the own three face up track cards whenever possible to gain a maximum of chips.

The second tactical element results from the poker game used when trying to overtake.

Each chip paid increases the own speed by 10 km/h. All invested chips are revealed simultaneously.

Further tactical elements results from the management of the face up tempo cards, because these are influenced by the track cards.

The effects of the track cards is foreseeable in most cases - in a down slope for example all cars will be accelerated.

Fette Autos can be played solitaire - but the player has to race against six Old Pros - Good Luck!

The game can be played by seven players - in this case the oldest player drives a grey car - no neutral cars participate in a game with seven players.

You are here: home > Street Illegal > description (4/4)