Street Illegal (Fette Autos)
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2 minutes description

In this car race the player race against Old Pros, which are controlled by the rules.

The track consists of 8 track cards.

In every game always 7 cars participate - normally up to 6 players. All other cars are (neutral) Alten Hasen.

In the solitaire game you race against six Old Pros controlled by the rules.

The speed of a player car is determined by the sum of three tempo cards which are placed face up in front of each player.

Each player has 5 tempo cards hidden on his hand and 3 tempo cards, lying open in front of him.

Once per track card the players accelerate or brake their cars. Braking is necessary sometimes because some track cards like curves impose a speed limit...

Once per track the players are allowed to modify the speed of their cars by using the tempo cards they hold.

The players get Chips, if they maneuver especially good while driving throuh a track card..

Both tempo cards and track cards show warning signs. Players are rewarded chips if the warning signs of their open tempo cards match the warning sign of the current track.

To overtake each other the players play a mini poker game using the chips they earned while maneuvering.

The faster car overtakes the slower car - the opponents pay chips hidden and simultaneously, to increase the own speed temporarily.

Alten Hasen are controlled by the rules and will also attack and overtake player cars.

The speed of the Alten Hasen is determined randomly and depends on the current track card.

Again the players are allowed to poker with their chips here.

At the end of the game - after driving through the last track card - the car wins which ist in front - that could be a player car or a neutral car.

Points are rewarded which are added up when playing several races.

The Alten Hasen play as one team and will always get the points earned by best neutral car in each race.

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*If you have some time left read the general comments.

You are here: home > Street Illegal > description (3/4)