Eine gegen Eine
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Eine gegen Eine

Players: 4
Duration: 20 minutes
Age: 10 years and older
Luck: a lot
Skill: a lot
Published: 2009 by Sphinx-Verlag
Authors: "Weilburger Sieben" *

Note to english speaking visitors

This is a unique game - the only thing that we can tell you here:

It is a "Spiel ohne Anleitung", that means: It is a game with no rulebook.

Therefore we cannot tell you the rules here - that's part of the gaming experience.

By the way ... if you are not speaking german it will be a real challenge for you to find out the rules. And this is the reason that we are especially interested in your feedback.

* Leif Busse, Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, Heinrich Glumpler, Peter Inzenhofer, Henning Poehl, Hans-Peter Stoll, Michael Sträubig

You are here: home > Eine gegen Eine > description