Dicke Daemonen
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The material*

The material consists of four colored laces (length: about 1 meter) and 50 pawns.
All the material can be put in a linen bag and thus is easy to take away.

*get four colored shoe laces and 50 pawns - and the game is afoot

Players are representing magicians who summon demons and ghosts.

This way the world fills up with such creatures whereby each creature has a color - ghosts are white and demons are red, blue, green or yellow.

As soon as the game ends the world is filled up with all these creatures. But one of the five colors will prevail over all others and thus dominate the (small) world of the laces.

The players bet which color will dominate in the end.

To win the game, the players must try to guess which color will dominate the world of the laces at the end of the game. Each player has only one chance per game to look into the future (i.e. guess this color) - and naturally each player must bet on a different color.

The dilemma: the look into the future costs a lot of energy!

A player who has invested his energy to predict the dominating color pays a high price, because his influence on the game will be reduced to a minimum.

This means that it is unwise to predict a color too early - since all other players will react accordingly (and they still have the full influence on the outcome of the game).

But on the other side it is as unwise to wait too long, since the most promising colors will then already be predicted by an opponent leaving only weak choices.

You are here: home > Dicke Daemonen > description (2/2)