Nicknames for Online Games

If starting a game without specifying a nickname all scored points will be awarded to the nickname "anonymous".

Since "anonymous" is also used by german speaking players sometimes a game will start in german - in this case please click the flag once to switch to the english version.

Reserved nicknames

You may use a password to reserve a nickname exclusively. Currently you will have to mail me (Heinrich Glumpler) to acquire this password.

You will then be the only player able to use the nickname - additionally you will be able to start test versions of games not yet "online" for other players.

Normal nicknames

If you enter a nickname before starting a game, all points are awarded to this nickname.

A nickname may contain lower case letters only.

If by chance you specify a nickname reserved by another player, you will have to specify and use another nickname.

Edition Erlkoenig

The online games are meant to inform about the Edition Erlkoenig boardgames and are additionally used to test games prior to publishing.

All mail addresses getting known to me because somebody asks for a password to reserve a nickname are treated confidentially. I will use such an address only if the respective player is interested in beta-testing games online.