Techno Witches
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Bonus variant: Techno Witches for up to 8 players
Short description:
Fast variant for up to 8 players

Use this variant if you plan to play Techno Witches with more than four players to ensure that nobody has to wait too long for his turn.

This rule variant can be used with any Techno Witches adventure.

You need two copies of Techno Witches.

Each player gets his own set of curve tiles
Each player gets a broom
Each player gets one castle

The curve tiles of both games are placed on the table (40 curves).
All players take one curve and give it to their left neighbour.
This is repeated again and again until there are not enough curves left to be distributed equally among all players.
All remaining curves are placed aside.

There are two brooms per color. To distinguish these brooms one player will have to place his tail upside down.

The castles from one game copy are distributed at random among the players - all remaining castles are put aside.
Each player puts his castle in front of him so that all these castles are visible by all players.

The game:
- runs as usual but...

All players choose one of their personal curve tiles and hold this tile up in such a way that it is clear to see in which direction the curve shall be executed (always touch the curve that you choose at the end that will be placed at your magic book). All players put their selected curve at their magic book exactly in the same way the curve was held high.

A player who intents to fly instead of placing another curve simply points his index finger in the air - thus not selecting a curve. Please intone a humming noise when doing this - just for the fun of it.

Whenever several players decide to execute their flight the castles are used to determine the exact order in which these flights are executed - going from the lowest numbered up to the highest numbered castle.

After all players have executed their flights these players (only) give their personal castle to the next player in clockwise order who also did execute a flight this turn.
With other words: only the flying players exchange their castles.

A player who selected a curve will keep his castle. This is also true for a player if this player was the only one to execute a flight in a turn.

All players executing a flight take back their curves.

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