Techno Witches
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Play sequence
Players take their turns in clockwise order

On your turn you must select one of two options:

  • select a new curve
    ...and place it at your magic book, or...
  • execute all your curves
    ...and set your Stauber in motion

Select a curve *

You select a curve and place it at the next free position of your magic book.

That's all: next player please!

If you don't have any curves at your magic book - you must select this option.

* you are not allowed to test curves in any way before selecting one
Start your flight *

Your Stauber drags a magic dust tail - this tail always touches the rear end of your Stauber.

Put your Stauber aside for the moment - do not move the tail!

Then place the curves from your book in one wounded flight path in front of the tail. The curves must be placed in exactly the same order and direction as they were placed at the magic book.

At last put your Stauber at the end of the last curve, return all curves to the main supply and attach the tail to the rear end of the Stauber again.

Next player please!

If there is no more free position at your magic book - you must use this option.

* each curve must turn in the same direction as it was placed at the magic book's position
You are here: home > Techno Witches > rules (4/6)