Techno Witches
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Take a magic book, a Stauber* and a dust tail

  • the magic book is used to select the curves that you want to fly
  • the Stauber is the vehicle that you will fly over the table surface
  • the dust tail is always placed directly behind the Stauber

The remaining material of the game consists of...

  • curves
    ...which are used by all players for maneuvering their Staubers
  • witch huts
    ...which are used as start and finish points depending on the adventure
  • castles
    ...which are placed on the table as obstacles
  • Quaddatsch
    ...the cat of the master sorcerer plays an important role in some adventures

Additionally there are some markers to be used for general purposes

* Stauber is the short word for Zauberstauber - the flying gadget that you race through the sky on
You are here: home > Techno Witches > rules (3/6)