Techno Witches
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Techno Witches - Example for a failed landing attempt (flying backwards)

Yellow wants to land at the witch hut and uses two turns to place a curve each at the front of her magic book - in her third turn she places a reverse curve at the backside of the book.

Yellow must start her flight in her fourth turn since she placed a reverse curve.
Yellow used three turns to reach this situation

Yellow starts her flight and first uses all curves from the front side of her magic book - flying forward.

After that the duster is placed at the top of the flight path.
Yellow flies two forward curves

The tail is then moved aside for the moment and the reverse curve is placed directly behind the duster the same way it was placed at the backside of the book.

At last the tail is placed behind the reverse curve.
reverse curves are placed at the duster's back - not at the tail's front

Finally the duster is placed in front of the tail and the flight ends.

Yellow did not succeed in landing at the hut, since for this it would have been necessary to touch the hut either with the reverse curve or the tail.

To land at the hut at last Yellow will have to place and execute another reverse curve.
the duster flew backwards
You are here: home > Techno Witches > description (5/5)