Techno Witches
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Techno Witches - Aborted flight example

Red wants to pass the small castle on the left side and then return to the right side. In each of the following four turns she places a curve at her book, to speed up a little bit.

Be aware that Red needed four turns to place these curves at her book.
Red places four curves (one curve per turn)

On this turn Red decides to start her flight.

Wenn placing the curves on the table she realizes that she cannot place the third curve since it would overlap the small castle.

The red duster aborts his flight to avoid colliding with the castle.
Red is in danger to collide with the castle

Only those curves are placed on the table that still allow to put the duster at the end of the flight path.

All curves - including the remaining curves at the magic book - are returned to the general supply.
the duster flies as far as possible

The tail is placed behing the duster and it's the next player's turn.

Red has lost a lot of time and did not cover much space.
the tail is placed behind the duster
You are here: home > Techno Witches > description (4/5)