Techno Witches
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Techno Witches - Flight example

It is Red's turn - no curves are placed at the magic book yet.

The red duster is flying towards two castles.
the start position

Red only has one option: select a curve and place it at position 1 of her magic book.

Red's turn is over now and it is the turn of the next player.
curves are always placed at the lowest free position of the book

It's Red's second turn and this time she has the option either to place another curve or fly all the curves she already placed at her book.

Red decides to place another curve.
Red could have started her flight in this situation already!

In her third turn Red decides to place another curve yet again.

Be aware of the fact that Red needed three turns to reach this situation - placing one curve each turn.
if all positions of the book are occupied with curves a player must start his flight!

From now on we will describe the rest of the fourth turn of Red. Red decides to start her flight now and must use all curves placed at her book.

First the duster is moved away a bit - do not move the tail!

After that all curves are taken from the book in ascending order starting with position 1. The curves are put on the table right behind the tail in a long winding flight path.

Each curve must turn in the same direction that it was pointing to when placed at the book.
Red starts his flight!

After that the duster is placed at the end of the last curve again.

At this point everybody can clearly observe the duster's flight path.

the duster is placed at the end of the path

Finally all curves are returned to the general supply and the tail ist placed directly behind the duster again.

This concludes Red's fourth turn. On the next page you can observe an aborted flight.

The tail is placed right behind the duster
You are here: home > Techno Witches > description (3/5)