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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the game
In an earlier turn I loaded a container with goods to be transported to the green planet. In the current turn I would like to load additional goods having the same destination into this same container. Is this allowed? No. Goods can only be loaded into an empty container. A container is immediately sealed after loading it and can only be opened at the destination planet to be unloaded completely.
Is it allowed to continue a flight after unloading or loading up a container? No. Any planetary action (including buying a technology) ends the flight.
May I deliver a passenger from orbit using an "Orbitalstation" ("Space Station")? No. The "Orbitalstation" ("Space Station") is usable for planetary actions only - delivering a passenger is an intervention.
May I use the on-board transmitter to exchange the contents of an empty container with the contents of a loaded container? No. Both containers must contain at least one goods card.
May I - in one turn - load up a container and then use my technology "Hypersprung..." ("Hyperjump...")? No. This technology may only be used at the start of the turn.
May I buy the technology "Hypersprung..." ("Hyperjump...") and use it immediately - in the same turn? No. This technology may only be used at the start of the turn.
May I use the technology "Hypersprung..." ("Hyperjump...") to land on the planet itself. No. The spaceship is placed in the orbit of the planet.
The Intervention "Nachbrenner zuenden" ("Afterburner Ignition") states that it is not allowed to execute additional planetary actions or interventions. Does this mean, that I must not execute any actions or interventions when playing this intervention? No. You are still allowed to execute any remaining planetary actions and interventions that you are entitled to in your turn. The comment on the card is only meant to clarify that you do not gain a full player turn when playing the card.
Does the intervention "Sonnentunnel oeffnen" ("Sun Tunneling") move my spaceship? No. This intervention just allows you to use a one-way connection through the sun during your flight.
If I play the intervention "Sonnentunnel oeffnen" ("Sun Tunneling") - is the tunnel open during my complete turn? Yes. Theoretically you could use the sun tunnel for two flights (only outward please) by playing "Nachbrenner zuenden" ("Afterburner Ignition") - but I cannot imagine an example that would make sense using the tunnel twice in a turn.
If playing the "Hypersturm ausloesen" ("Hyperstorm Release") - do I shuffle the card back into the deck - or is it removed from the game? It is shuffled back into the deck.
May I continue a flight after delivering a passenger on a planet? No. Although interventions may be played anytime this is not possible because the rules say that the flight ends as soon as the spaceship lands on a planet (or the player executes a planetary action). Since landing on a planet is mandatory to play the intervention "Passagier" ("Passenger") there is no way to continue a flight.

Well ... there is a way to do such a thing: You could fly normally and then switch the position of your spaceship with the position of the opponent's ship sitting currently on a planet. In this case you could drop the passenger on this planet and indeed could continue your flight since you never in fact "landed" on the planet.
May I continue a flight after unloading a container from orbit using my technology "Orbitalstation" ("Space Station")? No. A flight ends as soon as a player executes a planetary action - regardless where this action is executed.
After delivering goods cards to a planet the goods cards are flipped over. In the case that two cards now show the same destination planet these are removed from the game. What happens if three cards show the same destination planet? This cannot happen because of the special design of the goods cards. Either there is no such pair, one pair or two pairs. In the last case the player who transported the goods cards decides which pair to remove from the game, and the remaining pair is placed at the destination planet as usual.
May I throw the die for the flight at the start of my turn and then execute some planetary action before actually moving my spaceship?

No. Planetary actions and the flight must be executed separately. Before throwing the die for the flight all previous planetary actions must be concluded. As soon as the player throws the die he must move his spaceship (or not fly at all). The next planetary action may be executed only after moving the spaceship.

Note that the same does not apply to interventions as these can be played anytime during the own turn.

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