Wildfire! (Ablaze!)
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Comments by gamers - for the original game " Feurio! "

Shrewsbury Boardgames Club

Garry Lloyd

I quite enjoyed Feurio and the way in which the tiles develop nicely fits the theme of a fire spreading. There are some interesting choices to be made and you need to watch what others can do as much as what you would like to do. Sometimes it's worth doing something to curb another player's expansion than doing something to maximise your own score. Nige was a bit less keen, probably because the luck in drawing or not drawing the '1' tiles can decide the result. However, it plays quickly (about 30 minutes) and providing you accept that there is a luck element, there is enough decision making and tactics involved to keep you thinking.

Ivan, Godfrey, Jonathan, Colin

Ivan - Feurio is a fiendishly fast fun-fest of fierce-flamed fire-fighting fury formulated by a frenzied foreign figure with a fantastically full and fertile imagination - basically I like it but need a more interesting method of conveying this since I'm saying the same about all the games today
Godfrey - This was my second play, and I enjoyed it much better with four. The action was much tighter. (For the record, our previous 3 player game did not use the recommended 3 player variant). The theme works well, and the tactics are unusual. Plenty to think about for such a short game.
Jonathan - This is an intriguing little game which is fun and surprisingly challenging. The only minor gripe is that it can be easy to miss the "hottest spot" for tile placement but this didn't happen (as far as I'm aware) during our game and to be honest this is a minor nit-pick in an excellent little game.
Colin - Another new game to play for me. I like tile laying games and I liked this one too. Having said that I was completely lost for over half the game as I thought that I could only place men on the tile I was laying. This probably comes from being used to doing this in other games. As my first 3 tiles were 1's you can see how this really swelled my score. However I do look forward to playing it again as it's a short game with options to think about.

(in a posting at the "spielfrieks" newsgroup)

Greg Schloesser

My biggest "find", however, was a game of fighting forest fires in medieval times: Feurio. Feurio is designed by Heinrich Glumpler, who also created last year's Fette Autos, a game I still have yet to play.
The game is a quasi tile-laying game, as well as a piece positioning game. In that respect, it is similar to games such as Carcassonne. However, the similarities blur after this and the game has a unique and fresh feel.
I've played Feurio numerous times and it is always exciting, tense and filled with options. An added bonus is that the game plays in 30 or so minutes, which practically insures that it will see regular playing time for a long, long time. Finding games such as this makes the Essen experience even sweeter.
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