Street Illegal (Fette Autos)
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  • Points for positions

After the last track card is completed points are awarded:

Position 1 = 15 points (first)
Position 2 = 11 points
Position 3 = 8 points
Position 4 = 6 points
Position 5 = 4 points
Position 6 = 2 points
Position 7 = 1 point (last)

In a single race the car sitting on position 1 wins. Among all players the player wins who drives in front of all other players at the end of the last track card.

When playing several races all points are summed up and the faction having the highest sum wins.

In both cases neutral cars may win - the neutral faction always gets the points for the best neutral car in a race.

In the case of a tie ... the older player wins!

You are here: home > Street Illegal > rules (8/8)