Street Illegal (Fette Autos)
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Phase 3: overtaking

  • Last car acts first

The car sitting on position 7 attacks the car sitting on position 6.

Players and the neutral Old Pros overtake each other.
In this phase the players poker with their chips to increase speed temporarily.

  • The faster car overtakes

The sum of the speed of a car plus the chips paid by the player is compared - the car having the higher sum overtakes the car driving on the next position.

The Old Pros will attack too in this phase. The speed of such a neutral car is determined by drawing tempo cards. In straight tracks three tempo cards are drawn - in curve tracks two or three tempo cards are drawn.

Again the players may pay chips to increase their speed here and thus defend themselves against the attacks of the neutral cars.

  • Overtaken cars are neutralized

If a car is overtaken in this phase, or is unable to overtake the car on the next position - the car cannot act any more in this phase for the current track card. If a car is overtaking successfully the player gets another chance to attack the next position in the same phase as an option.

  • Next track card

After the player driving in front of all other players has finished this phase, the current track card ist turned around and put face down on the table - the three phase are now repeated for the next track card.

You are here: home > Street Illegal > rules (7/8)