Street Illegal (Fette Autos)
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Phase 2: maneuvering

  • Player in front acts first

The player driving in front of all other players must decide first, what action to take in this pase.

Players accelerate or brake their cars by using tempo cards from their hand to modifiy the three face up tempo cards lying in front of them. Driving to fast results in a sort of emergency brake if not enough chips can be spend to avoid this type of accident.

  • Maneuver
  • Optimize
  • do nothing

A player must execute one of the following three options in this phase:

  • substitute a face up tempo card by a card from his hand and redraw a new card to his hand
  • discard as many tempo cards from his hand and redraw the same number of cards to his hand
  • do nothing at all

  • Emergency brake, or
  • Pay chips

If a player is violating the speed limit he must either...

  • discard a tempo card from his hand without redrawing a card - his speed is then reduced automatically until it falls below the speed limit of the current track card, or
  • pay chips

The consequences of driving over the speed limit therefore can be avoided by paying chips - this way it is possible to accelerate even in a curve before the next phase starts where the cars overtake each other

You are here: home > Street Illegal > rules (6/8)