Street Illegal (Fette Autos)
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Set up
  • Shuffle tempo cards
  • Prepare chips

Tempo cards are shuffled and put on the table face down.

Chips are put in a location reachable by all players as bank.

  • 8 track cards*

Track cards are shuffled.
Eight track cards (straight tracks and curves) are placed face up to build the racing track.

*According to the printed rules the track is created after each player has got his tempo cards - this may cause problems because then each player would like to have a track matching the tempo cards he holds.

  • 1 car per player
  • 8 tempo cards per player
  • 3 chips per player

Each player selects a car, draws eight tempo cards to his hand and takes three chips.

Cars are controlled using the tempo cards.
Chips are used to modify the speed of a car (+10 or -10 per chip paid to the bank).

  • Youngest player starts on the last position
  • Oldest player starts in the front position*

The youngest player places his car at position 7 of the board.

The next youngest player places his car at position 6, and so on - the car of the oldest player is placed at the front position (this is not position 1 in all cases).

The remaining free front positions are taken by the Alten Hasen, which are neutral cars.

*This rule is perfect when playing the game for the first time - see the advanced Professional rules in the download area for other options.

  • Reveal tempo cards

All players simultaneously put three tempo cards from their hands face up on the table in front of them.

Tempo cards show velocities of 10 to 60 km/h.
During the game there are always three tempo cards face up in front of each player - the sum of these cards specifies the Gspeed of the player cars.

Each player normally hasfive tempo cards hidden in his hand - these hand cards are used to modify the three open tempo cards in front of him (speed).

You are here: home > Street Illegal > rules (3/8)