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Questions concerning the rules

Some tempo cards show the warning sign "slope up" and the warning sign "slope down".

Do i have to place such a tempo card in a special orientation to earn the chips?

A player earns two chips for such a face up tempo card if the track card shows either warning sign.

The same applies to "wind from the left" and "wind from the right"! The player earns the two chips for this tempo card if the track card shows a wind bag - regardless of the direction of the windbag on the track card.

I was overtaken by a faster car.

Am I allowed to attack another car in the same phase?

If a car is overtaken - or fails to overtake - in a given phase this car cannot act any more in this phase and will have to wait for the next track card to attack again.

A player is attacking another player to overtake - so both players poker against each other taking some chips in their fists and revealing them simultaneously. One player looses and the other wins. The winner pays the invested chips to the bank.

Does the looser has to pay the invested chips too?

Both players must pay all their invested chips.

In phase 3: overtaking a car sitting on position 7 attacks the car driving direct in front of it (position 6).

What is to be done if the attacking car happens to be a neutral Alter Hase?

The neutral car attacks the car driving directly in front of it (if the car in front of it is controlled by a player).

As usually two (or three) tempo cards are drawn for the neutral car. Whoever is faster overtakes or defends successfully against the overtake attack.

I am driving in a curve track having a speed limit of 70 km/h. My speed - the sum of my three face open tempo cards - is 100 km/h. I pay three chips to avoid an emergency brake, since I am too fast.

Which speed is applicable in the moment that I attack the car driving in front of me?

Do I have to pay chips again? *

When attacking the sum of the face up tempo cards is relevant only at first (100 km/h). A player will only pay more chips if he wants to increase this speed temporarily when playing the overtake poker game.

As long as a player does not modify his face up tempo cards he is immune to the speed limit shown on the current track card.

If a player overtakes succesfully and then decides to use the option to attack again he will have to slow down (see below).
In this case he would modify his face up tempo cards and will have to pay chips again if his new speed is higher than the speed limit of the current track card.

*The file in the download area contains an example covering this question

I succeeded in overtaking a car.

Why do I have to slow down before I am allowed to use the option to attack the next car driving in front of me.

This rule simulates the distance used in overtaking a car that the car already covered.

Slowing down means modifying the face up tempo cards as in phase 2: maneuvering. In this case the speed limit of the current track must be taken into consideration forcing the player to pay chips or pay the consequences if his car is too fast.

I have overtaken a car but my hand cards do not allow me to slow down.

What do I do now?

In this case you cannot use the option to overtake again. It is now the turn of the car driving directly in front of you to attack the next one.

It is important to recall that a player is not forced to slow down for the very first overtake attempt in a given phase. He must slow down only before attempting to overtake again in the same track card.

Will an Alter Hase overtake several cars in a given phase?

An Alter Hase will overtake a maximum of one car in phase 3: overtaking.

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