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 Techno Witches Solitaire Online
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Short description (instructions)

You are flying a so called Zauber Stauber - a modern form of the ancient witch broom.

Fly your Zauber Stauber (short form is Stauber) in such a way that it will match a given destination as exactly as possible.

Your yellow Stauber starts to the left - the lighter colored target is marked to the right.

At the left edge you will see five curves - if you click these in the correct order and each curve is used with the correct direction - you will match the target position exactly.

After you clicked all curves your Stauber will start - and the closer it will match the target in the end the more points you will score.

About the boardgame for 2 to 4 players see: www.kosmos.de and www.erlkoenig.net.

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